How To Keep Your Makeup In Place When You Have Oily Skin

Everyone’s skin is different. For oily or combination skin, it may at times be difficult to control your skin, or to anticipate how it will react. This is especially true when it comes to wearing makeup. Whether it’s a night out, a day at work, or any time in between, wearing makeup can make us look how we feel: sexy, cute, or professional!

Most of us don’t feel like dealing with stickiness, smudges, or the touch-and-go coverage that comes with any oiliness. Having oily skin sometimes is a deterrent to having a great makeup look, but with the products and application it doesn’t have to be.



The first thing about keeping makeup in place is prepping your face properly. This means using the right products in a way that works with your skin. In general, for oily skin you should be using an oil-free moisturizer like Ideal Moisture Even Skin Tone All Skin Types Day/Night cream from L’oreal.

Sunscreen is a must for any makeup look, but it can cause extra slippage. Purchase an SPF of at least 30 in stick form that stays put where it’s applied. Use the moisturizer and spf at the same stage in your daily routine before applying anything else.


Next, apply a primer to set up the rest of your look. Try Photo Finish from Smashbox, a lightweight and oil-free primer that fills in pores and smooths over your skin for better makeup application.


Foundation is the essential thing to take care of when you have oily or combination skin. If you need more coverage, it’s ill-advised to use a liquid foundation, as your skin may reflect an extra sheen on top of the makeup rather than staying matte.

Powder foundation is the best way to go with this skin type, because it better absorbs oil and doesn’t sit so much on top of the skin. Foundations such as Bare Minerals can even be applied in layers to accrue more coverage if necessary.

Carry a pressed powder on your person for reapplication throughout the day when necessary. Lightly dust the powder over problem areas to keep your look shine-free.


Eye makeup, liner, and mascara should always be applied last. Mascara runs in high heat or through sweat even with normal or dry skin, so you should definitely seek out a waterproof wand. If you’re an eyeliner gal, this can also be problematic with oily skin. Seek out products that will minimize the possibility of your liner coming off, so seek out a smudge-proof or waterproof liner and mascara set. Try Unstoppable Eyeliner from Maybelline, or Maybelline’s Smudge-Proof & Waterproof Makeup Pencil for eyes that won’t smudge or move.



It’s of great importance to cleanse your face from makeup at the end of a long day. For the products we’ve gone through in this article, it’s essential you remove your makeup fully before washing the rest of your face. Not doing so doesn’t allow you to remove your makeup fully and can contribute to premature aging. For some of these products, especially the waterproof ones, you will need to use an oil to remove them gently without damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. Next, use a mild cleanser along with an exfoliant to remove the rest.

Having oily skin doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup. Figure out what works for you and make your look last.

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